Love abounds at D'Ann Danse Studios. Love for their dancers, the arts, and our community.

Artistic Director, Debbie Wehlan is considered an artist of the soul, blending dance technique with story telling and creative stage accents that takes the audience on an emotional journey that can reflect love, hope, joy, comedy, longing, or just pure fun. Her innovative approach to choreography, dance education, & productions brings dance performance to a new level of artistic expression for her students.

In class, "Ms. Debbie" imparts two important rules to everyone she teaches: first they are to "un-zip their souls" so their creative spirits can soar; secondly they learn there are no mistakes when dancing - only unexpected solos. When students realize they are in a safe environment to be free and dance without judgment, something exciting happens. That's the moment you see a dancer transform and they become fearless. Dance becomes artistry in motion as their inner light shines and their colorful spirits are energized.

In addition to excellence in dance, excellence of heart is also being taught at DDS. While blending their passion for all styles of art, dance, music, & design the DDS faculty & staff also hope to Impart the value and importance of caring for others and keeping the arts alive in our community.

Dancing at its' core is an unspoken language of poetry in motion. And like any art it brings an artist pure joy to share it with the world. ?We look forward to sharing this beautiful art with you.


Certified Professional Faculty
Our faculty are experts in their fields, exceptional teachers, and choreographers ready to help you every step of the way.
Student Lounge
Spacious lounge to store personal property and for siblings to have a quiet area to do their homework.
For our parents' & guests' comfort, we have a large reception area with TV, magazines, refreshments, children's area, and televised classroom viewing system so parents can watch their child in class without disruption.
Professional Facility
The largest Fine Art of Dance School in the area. Our vibrant South Beach decor inspires fun and comfort for our families to enjoy. Two air-conditioned classrooms with the area's only "floating" sprung dance floor, professional touring Marley dance floor, professional theater style surround sound and equipment for our students' educational instruction and professional productions.
Dance Supplies
A small studio bountique supplies the required class dance shoes & accessories for your dance wear and gift giving needs. We save time and money.

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