Highly Qualified and Trained Owner

In 1983, Debbie Wehlan founded D'Ann Danse Studios [DDS] after receiving her Dance Masters Certification from Kent State University. Ms. Debbie is committed to providing all students high-quality dance education.

Professional Dance Instructors at all levels

Our dance educators believe in teaching proper dance technique from the very beginning. Dancers of all ages and ability will benefit from our experienced and educated teachers.

Goal Setting

Our staff love sharing their passion for this beautiful performing art with fun, inspiring lessons. Dancers are evaluated annually to empower parents to make decisions about proper program placement for their children. We also train dancers who wish to attend an amazing dance program at an accredited four-year university. Our job is to position dancers for this goal even if it's so far on the horizon nobody sees it, yet. Of course, this is not the path for all children, but we believe all dancers benefit from an environment of high expectations and structure that comes from our goal oriented program.

Curriculum and Class Sizes

DDS has fine-tuned our fine art curriculum for all ages and levels over the past 30 years. We have created a perfect blend of technique which focuses on personal development and challenges our dancers. Our youngest dancers have a fabulous time in class with their teachers. At the same time they are learning an incredible amount of terminology and technique without even realizing it.

Strong Management Skills

Professionally managed dance studios are rare. We strive to create an environment where our teachers can focus on teaching and skip routine administrative tasks. That's why we're proud of the many innovations we've adopted to make your family's dance experience positive. From well-maintained facilities to a simple, streamlined registration process and a world-class costume and dancewear ordering system. DDS is on the cutting edge of dance management technology.

*** Value Added Dance Experience
Given the many benefits to pursuing a dance education at DDS, there is a cost. Dance falls somewhere between soccer and ice-skating in terms of overall expense for an activity. For a dancer interested in taking a single class at DDS, parents can expect to pay about $45 per month for a weekly class, another $90 or so for a year's worth of dancewear and shoes, about $75 for a recital costume, and about $60 for recital tickets. Items such as photos and participation in the spring concert are optional and left to the family's discretion. This cost does not vary significantly from the cost of other dance schools and in fact is more affordable then other dance schools in the area.


Dance educates your child mentally as well as physically while building self-esteem and confidence. Many young dancers pursue college degrees or other professional careers. Remember dance is a form of education and should not be taken lightly. For each individual, whether taking dance class for fun, recreation, exercise, or a professional career, proper training must be the first concern. This includes correct stretching, conditioning, technique, and showmanship. Training to last a lifetime is the most important thing you can give your child when choosing a studio.

Despite the ambitions of the student or her parents, dance medicine has given sufficient evidence that improper training by studying from teachers who are not certified as a professional instructor and therefor do not know the proper levels & foundation of good training, can cause physical damage. Children are constantly growing and deveoloping. Unsterstanding the proper mechanics of dance movement and knowing how to teach a strong technique foundation are vital to their health. As children get older, weak knees, ankles, back problems, and hip pain can all be associated with improper dance training.

Physical damage can be avoided by training with an accredited professional teacher. A trained teacher understands the kinesiology of dance and will educate their students to develop the proper muscular strength and technical foundation needed for proper dance development and healthy lifestyle.

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