"As a parent I love seeing my daughters happy. Since the first day Alayna started taking dance at D'Ann Danse for a summer lesson, she has been elated. She always looks forward to going to her classes and even over the summer constantly talks about her teachers. It isn't just because of dancing that she loves it, it is the personal and family touch that she gets there. I also love how welcoming the rest of the dance family is (dancers and parents). Looking forward to a great show tomorrow night!"
Mrs. Martinez, mother

"My son is entering his 6th year of dance at D'Ann. We are very pleased with the level of dance instruction he has received; it's why we keep coming back every year. Ms. Debbie and her staff are very invested in their dancers. It is not uncommon for them to spend extra-instructional time reviewing choreography or rehearsing for a performance, without extra hourly costs. The quality of the instruction is very strong, and my son's technique noticeably improves at the end of each dance year. He loves, loves, LOVES his teachers. They've done a great job working with him to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and an identity as a dancer."
"Just wanted to say, Beautiful recital!.. After having her at Salisbury Dance Academy for six years and Seaside for two years, I can honestly say D'ann is my favorite experience so far already. She was with u only two months, I offered to pay for private and u just worked with her instead.. Caring about her and not the money that could have been gained from privates.. Thanks for all u do. :-)"
Mrs. Maron, mother
"Bailey said to me yesterday afternoon, 'Mom, I'm the happiest I've ever been. I love to dance, but in the last two weeks I've learned so much. I've learned more in two weeks than I learned in a long time. I feel welcomed and not looked down because I can't do something. Everyone has been so nice and keeps telling me I can do this. I'll give up anything you ask to afford dance. I wish we had found D'Ann sooner.'

"We do feel like we have found our 'home'! The other families do seem so nice and very welcoming... Thank you again for welcoming us and giving Bailey back her passion for the art she loves."

Mrs. Hardison, mother
"...I wanted to let you know that Ryann got the part of Edna in Hairspray! She is so excited. I know that she definitely had more confidence because of your dance instruction. I will let you know how the performance goes!"
Mrs. Cherry, mother
"Thank you so much for thinking of Bella. She really did have so much fun singing and dancing! Now we know she loves the stage! I loved seeing her perform-it was so precious!! The costumes were so adorable too! We look forward to dancing with you and Alexa next year. Bella really liked Alexa and she was great with the little ones. Alexa is a great teacher but also a great performer! We all really enjoyed the show..."
Mrs. Nieves, mother
"… It's because of you and your love of dance that these children love to learn from you … thank you for your patience, talent teaching, & friendship."
Mrs. Booth, mother
"… you're the best teacher! Dancing is so much fun! I love you dearly."
T. Hirsch, student
"… I wanted to express my appreciation for the expert instruction you have provided my daughter… she has been enthusiastic about her future in the arts… and we feel that all of this would not have been possible if it were not for you and your incredible staff."
Mrs. Gibb, mother

"At age 4 Alexis watched D'Ann Danse perform at the mall. After the performance she looked at me and said "Mommy I want to do that." As a young teen and adult I remembered watching D'ann Danse perform at different venues locally and having those same thoughts. So needless to say there was not a question about where Alexis would take dance class. Four years later I have not regretted our family's decision.

Ms. Debbie's passion for dance and desire to share her gift with her students is as strong now as it was 26 years ago. Being a teacher I have watched Ms. Debbie's teaching technique in the classroom…and I must admit that I have borrowed a few. At times she is a silent observer…patiently waiting for the dancer to accomplish the task. She is always watching, but gives the dancer a sense of independence and space as they are trying to learn. When students get "stuck" Ms. Debbie allows them the opportunity to work together to figure it out. It brings me joy to watch the girls talk and listen to each other. They transition through the role of leader and follower effortlessly and seamlessly as they give pointers and work as a team to figure out the combinations. Ms. Debbie watches the dancers and works at a variety of levels within the classroom to challenge each of them. She is willing to teach them whatever they are willing to learn.

Ms. Debbie takes the traditional approach to dance by stressing proper technique and safety. She will not allow them to do something their bodies are not prepared or conditioned for. Her dance curriculum for each level of dancer has been in practice and enhanced for 26 years. Through her thought-out plan she has trained recreational dancers, local, state, and national champions, dancers that have traveled the world dancing, and Broadway performers. Whatever your dance desires are Ms. Debbie finds a place for you to spread your wings.

I am amazed when I see the growth Alexis has had in the past few years. Alexis has learned more than just how to dance at D'Ann Danse. She has learned how to listen, problem-solve, work together to accomplish a goal, trust, push herself, how to take constructive criticism, and has developed a positive sense of herself in the process. Our family made a choice four years ago to join D'Ann Danse and we are happier and more confident with our choice today then we were four years ago."

Mrs. Vicki Bailey

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